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How do we do it?
Through an intuitive, interactive map and tourist guide displayed on touchscreen monitors highlighting our clients' business, we deliver individual minisites with general information about your services and products, photo and video galleries, and your promotions and events.

TouchMyCity screens are placed in key locations with and up to date information about your destination.

TouchMyCity is also available for:
  • Web
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Higher positioning and brand recognition
  • Major presence in the key areas of your city
  • Exposure to thousands of tourists and locals
  • More potential clients
  • Increased sales
  • Savings on marketing, advertising and promotion costs
  • The most complete advertising package in the market
  • A team of professionals at your service
Who sees you?
• Tourists
• Locals
• The online world

Where are TouchMyCity touchscreens located?
• Hotels
• Marinas
• Airports
• Shopping malls

Our touchscreen monitors are strategically placed in high traffic areas
  • A minisite on our touchscreen monitors and on
    Your business will have a minisite on our interactive map, with your contact information, location, services and products, photo and video galleries, promotions and events

  • Graphic representation and physical location of your business in our interactive map
    Your business has never looked better on any other map!
    Your business location and offsite venues in Google Maps

  • Your business contact information in our tourist directory
    With the minisite, your business will also have presence in the tourist directory of the map displayed in the touchscreen monitors and on the website (

  • Promotions, discounts and events sections
    TouchMyCity will publish your promotions, discounts and events on our touchscreens and our website at

  • Information delivery system
    With TouchMyCity, tourists and locals are able to send information from your business to their e-mail, smart phones and tablets

  • Discount card
    TouchMyCity has launched TouchMyCity CARD, offering discounts to increase the volume of your business

  • Social media
    TouchMyCity offers you a space with your business overview, photos and video for promotion and advertising though our social networks

Discounts through TouchMyCity business networks.
When purchasing TouchMyCity CARD you'll have a 15% discount in all TouchMyCity affiliated businesses for a six-month period as shown on the back of the card.

TouchMyCity CARD is available at:

  • Hotels
  • Marinas
  • Airports
  • Plazas/Shopping Malls
Tourism Companies and Businesses
Driving the destination, they're responsible for providing service and attention to tourists, making sure visitors enjoy the destination, recommend it and return

Will be advertised and promoted through our TouchMyCity products and services

Resorts, Hotels and Concierges
The face of the destination and an important contact with tourists arriving to their accommodations and by providing assistance and tourist information
  • Resorts and Hotels
    Will have a minisite with general information about their property and onsite venues, promotions and events
  • Concierge
    Will have promotional tools to provide a personalized service and attention
The number one sales force of the destination, and the main contact for tourists seeking vacation club ownership, they promote and sell the quality and lifestyle of the destination
  • Sales and OPC's
    Will have an innovative sales and promotional tool for in-house and outside locations
The number one promoters of the destination, offering to groups and conventions services by creating unique and unforgettable experiences for their clients
  • Agents
    Will have a personalized promotional tool for sales and service for in-house and outside locations
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